Make Time for Prep

Sometimes staying one step ahead is worth it, especially in the mornings. When you need to get the kids up and ready in no time, lay out their clothes for the next day and as soon as they wake up they can dress themselves – and still have enough time to sit down and enjoy a wholesome breakfast.

Simplicity is Key

The best way for you to make breakfast is to simplify it. If you want to make BOKOMO pancakes, put out the ingredients the evening before so it’s easy to get started the next day. Then in the morning all you need to do is measure out all of the pancake ingredients, mix the batter and pour it into the pan and enjoy!

Morning Rituals

Morning’s always seem a little rushed, so why not set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier than usual in the mornings, giving you extra time to spend around the breakfast table with your family. You’ll find that these little morning rituals will become one of your most treasured times within your day.

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