ProNutro Smoothie

This one’s for the early morning go-getters that like to get their legs moving and their hearts beating as the sun rises. Add half a cup of BOKOMO ProNutro to your energising smoothie, along with a banana and a splash of milk. This easy-sipping shake is perfect to enjoy before your morning work-out.

BOKOMO Corn Flake French Toast

Take French Toast to a whole new level by dipping each side of your egg-soaked pieces of bread into a bowl of BOKOMO Corn Flakes before you fry it. This will give your French Toast an extra layer of crunchiness, as well as the great taste of BOKOMO Corn Flakes.

Granola Pancakes

Make perfect pancakes with a twist and add BOKOMO Nature’s Source Granola. Mix it into a standard pancake recipe and pour into the frying pan until bubbles appear – flip and fry until golden brown. Sprinkle some fresh berries on top (like sliced strawberries or whole blueberries), and enjoy a classic breakfast with a welcome twist.

WEET-BIX Muffins

WEET-BIX muffins are a delicious choice for the whole family because everyone can enjoy them in their own unique way. To make these, crush up 2 cups of WEET-BIX pieces and add to your favourite bran muffin recipe. Serve these muffins piping hot with some cheese, jam and salted butter (or just as they are!), and you’ll find that they’re too yummy to resist!

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