WEET-BIX Strawberry Smoothie

WEET-BIX Strawberry Smoothie

Serves 2
5 Min prep
Preparation Only


6 strawberries, rinsed
2 WEET-BIX biscuits, crushed
375 ml full cream milk
250 ml strawberry yoghurt


1. Chop the rinsed strawberries and place into a large bowl. Crush the WEET-BIX into the same bowl. Whisk the mixture for 1 minute then add the yoghurt.
2. Continue to mix vigorously, ensuring that all ingredients are equally blended and smooth.
3. Pour the milk into the bowl and stir until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed. The consistency should be medium to thick, and if you’d like a more runny consistency, feel free to add more milk until you achieve your desired consistency.